A Look at Upcoming ‘God Bless America ETF’

God Bless America ETF

Whether you like the idea or not, you can’t help but like the name of a new ETF and its ticker symbol about to hit the market called, ‘God Bless America ETF (YALL).’

Its purpose is to provide investors with an opportunity to invest in stocks that focus primarily on their stated purpose while “maximizing shareholder returns.”

The idea is there are many publicly traded companies that lose focus on their purpose for existence, and instead cave into SJWs that infiltrate the company for the purpose of converting it to their own woke purposes. Consequently, many companies start to lose value as a result of people boycotting them for the outrageous ideas they support.

It appears God Bless America ETF will be designed to provide an alternative to woke companies, while also exposing the leftist agendas embraced by our enemies. That alone makes the ETF an interesting idea. The important question though is this: Will it be a good investment? The answer is, we won’t know until it reveals the 30 to 40 companies the ETF plans on holding.

One issue is, if the ETF moves companies in response to social justice commentary and support of liberal agendas, a company not wanting to be in the ETF could issue press releases for the purpose of being removed and not incurring the wrath of the woke mobs.

That’s something to consider because, it would be hard to evaluate the ETF if there is a lot of companies being added and subtracted from the fund on a consistent basis. I’m not saying it will happen, but it’s something to take into account if people are going to invest in the ETF.

What I’m looking for

Beside what’s already mentioned, something I want to look for with the ETF is if it has a plan to invest in anti-SJW and ESG projects that will give the fund purpose beyond being an ETF alternative to ESG ETFs.

Potential investors that would generally agree with the reasoning behind the fund, beyond making money, would want, in my opinion, to have an investment vehicle that would put its money where its mouth is, meaning it would publicly commit to putting some of its profits into causes its shareholders would support; it would need to be transparent in which organizations it is contributing to.


I’m not a big fan of these types of investment vehicles. They can be nothing more than a few individuals being opportunistic without being true believers.

That said, when thinking in terms of what types of companies could be included in the ETF, they could include Defense, Energy, some Entertainment, and possibly utilities, as starters. Those sectors are actually fairly decent performers under different economic conditions, if that is the direction the managers of YALL go.

One example of an ETF that caters to Republicans is called ‘Point Bridge America First ETF.’ Holdings in that ETF include Eli Lilly and Company, AutoZone, Molson Coors Beverage, and FedEx.

If nothing else, YALL will be a tool that can be used to expose companies that focus on liberal causes, rather than the underlying purpose for the existence of the companies.

At best, it could include a list of solid companies that generate a decent and consistent return for investors. The list of companies included in the ETF when its launched will give a view of how management is thinking and if the companies have long-term growth potential.


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