91 Things We can do to Defend and Expand Christian Civilization

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When writing these ideas down on things we can do to promote and spread Christian civilization around the world, I was thinking of two things. One was we have to have a defensive and offensive strategy in place in order to maintain and model Christ in our families. The other was to provide ideas on ways most of us could engage people with interactive communication and projects that put the message in front of many of them.

The purpose of the list is to generate ideas and thoughts, while possibly encouraging some to participate in them. For that reason I didn’t go into details on any of them, although I’m probably going to break down a number of them in the future.

That said, there is one I want to specifically talk about, because I think it has a lot of potential to attract opposition while bringing the message to light, and that is the first one listed below, which is putting up various types of designs of the ten commandments on private property.

Why this will probably be one of the more effective tools is because the opposition to it has been so great on public property. I don’t think the real reason was because of the fictitious separation of church and state, but because law breakers and opponents didn’t want the message to be shared in places many people would see it.

Another thought on that is if people could find some property close by to courthouses which would continually remind people of the laws of God.

Because of zoning laws, some of these strategies may not be legal, but there are a lot of ways to place the ten commandments in the public eye. This is a project I’m going to work on in the not too distant future. I’ll talk more about it at another time.

As for the list below, if you have some other ideas include them in the comments. I’m always looking things that can promote the spread of the kingdom of God on earth via Christian civilization.

Also, when reading, consider I didn’t repeat the idea of doing it to further the kingdom of God so it wasn’t repetitive and monotonous to read. All the things that make up the list are done with advancing Christian civilization in mind.

For example, using social media platforms and writing children’s books should be understood in that light; not only as general things to do outside of those parameters.


List of things we can do to hold, defend and spread new creation civilization:


1. Put 10 commandments on private property.

2. Model obedience in our own lives.

3. Teach children God’s law and to obey it.

4. Remind one another of God’s great works.

5. Teach and pass on to adults God’s laws and ways.

6. Build mini theme parks with Biblical focus.

7. Write children’s books.

8. Build blog targeting specific niche.

9. Make short films.

10. Make documentaries.

11. Write related books. (Don’t have to be long.)

12. Initiate gathering of people interested in topics of interest.

13. Become an expert in narrow but important slice of history – share what you know.

14. Build membership site around knowledge.

15. Share on Facebook.

16. Join Facebook groups and comment.

17. Share on twitter.

18. Share on Pinterest.

19. Share on YouTube.

20. Share on Gab.

21. Answer and ask related questions on Quora.

22. Comment on blogs.

23. Comment on websites.

24. Write for websites with similar worldview.

25. Read on topics of interest.

26. Write reviews of what you read.

27. Provide commentary of books or video of interest.

28. Build low-price, used retail business. (attracts a lot of people to talk to over time)

29. Grow and sell produce.

30. Offer home as place to gather and talk.

31. Homeschool.

32. Send children to Christian school.

33. Raise chickens for eggs.

34. Raise chickens for meat.

35. Raise rabbits for manure.

36. Buy land with pond.

37. Greenhouse.

38. Learn to be responsible.

39. Live debt free.

40. Have a wood stove.

41. Have a fireplace.

42. Do some exercise – walk a little at least.

43. Be content.

44. Raise goats.

45. Raise sheep.

46. Plant in raised beds.

47. Practice writing.

48. Learn some basic fix it skills.

49. Learn to shoot and take care of firearms.

50. Know who your neighbors are.

51. Learn to build up, not only destroy.

52. Eat more fruit and vegetables, less sugar.

53. Be part of wholesome, likeminded community – could be just a few people.

54. Have at least a basic understanding of the Bible.

55. Don’t despise day of small things.

56. Build a small, home business.

57. Oppose Federal Reserve and central banking in general.

58. Have some intergenerational interaction. (Learn what kids or older adults are thinking.)

59. Pray for God’s kingdom to come and will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

60. Watch out for one another.

61. Hold one another accountable.

62. Don’t covet or trust in money.

63. Obey scriptures.

64. Be transformed by renewing of our minds.

65. Bear one another’s burdens.

66. No sexual immorality – one man and one woman in marriage only allowable sex.

67. We’re in the battle to win.

68. Battle for life – abortion, euthanasia, etc.

69. Be a business of one.

70. Be a storyteller.

71. Invest in or support Christian arts.

72. Use arts to reinforce covenant, laws and mighty works of God.

73. Future will be formed and determined by uncountable small acts of numerous people.

74. Expose and oppose evil in all its forms.

75. Never lose your good reputation.

76. Targeted boycotts.

77. Don’t be overcome by evil.

78. Learn basic survival skills.

79. Focus primarily on local change.

80. Provide quality service.

81. Gain a hearing or platform through service.

82. Volunteer.

83. Reject globalism.

84. Embrace freedom and responsibility.

85. Learn food storage techniques.

86. Be honest in dealings.

87. Work on increasing quality of craftsmanship in whatever you do.

88. Be relentless explorers.

89. Share on Instagram.

90. Never give up.

91. Be ready to share the Gospel.




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