77-Year-Old Man Fatally Shot Outside Detroit Liquor Store

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  • francisco

    The big lesson here is don’t live in Detroit

  • Philly Dee

    Here in South Africa they do this during the day..

    • Percy Hawkins

      ​@Sonnenrad Roger that, bigtime. Social Justice Warrior said he watches MSNBC’s Fake News. That explains all the nonsense he believes. He’s an insufferable moron parroting all the propaganda, sound bytes and talking points he hears there instead of educating himself and developing a sense of discernment between facts and bullshyt. He’s Mommy’s little snowflake. She must be so proud.

    • P Master

      @Sonnenradlmao really? You can try being an Indian or Chinese or Bangladeshi and then try to enter any white country, its much harder. The average waiting period for Asians in America for citizenship is 70 years. Meanwhile whites can get citizenship in 5 years.

    • Social Justice Warrior

      @Sonnenrad How so? Please explain.

    • Imraan Bulbulia

      That’s why my dad left Joburg in 1967

  • thiongoa

    Not the outcome I wanted to see…..hate it when perps win the fight

  • Average individual with a Smart Phone

    The only lives that truly matter are those who respect the lives of others.

    • Pen Ultimate

      Unnecessarily racist.

    • Pen Ultimate

      @Sonnenrad No, what’s racist is you co-opting and altering the “black lives matter too” slogan to unnecessarily point out that the perp is black. Why do that? Are you trying to encourage self defenders to automatically treat black contacts as hostiles? To shoot faster and aim more carefully at black suspects? WOULD you have made the same comment if the perp was Asian?

    • John Doh

      You just described 99.99% of the folks in america. So if you are right, and if all those lives matter, why does it seem so easy for the police to get away with ending so many of them? I mean… didn’t Tony Timpa’s life matter? Didn’t Daniel Shaver’s life matter? If those lives mattered, why didn’t anyone go to prison for killing them? When a cop is murdered and it is caught on video, someone definitely goes to prison. Do their lives matter more? Or do our lives matter less? Asking for a white friend who wants cops held accountable too.

    • Chewbacca

      Not exactly wwjd

    • Nina D


  • The_Mad_Hatter9997

    Imagine living 77 years just to have it end by a punk

  • Venture B.

    Detroit tip (doesn’t apply to this video): Avoid gas stations. Gas up on the outskirts. This is a primary hunting zone and you are the prey.

    • Venture B.

      @Julius Caesar I’ve known many people who have argued against advice similar to yours, became a victim and still argue it is safe. Know some who didn’t make it. You are giving what could be a life saving tip that people much smarter than us will ignore.

    • Julius Caesar

      Venture B. I had two 18 year old friends that went to a party in Detroit (bad idea to begin with) and ended up being robbed, stripped naked, and killed execution style.

    • Venture B.

      @Julius Caesar I am very sorry. Probably never made the news. If they covered all of the murders, people would rightfully be horrified. Senseless crime like this sends waves of grief across many families, friends, schoolmates. We are strangers, but I know this pain and I feel anger and sadness for your loss.Terrible.

    • Stone Dakota

      or reverse, thanks 😉

    • 45dvc

      Defund the police and burn down the city…..all endorsed by the society’s democratic leaders. Enjoy your Utopia!!

  • Data Is Amazing

    If you’re worried about shooting a fleeing felon in the back, just pause for a second and yell “hey”, then he will spin around and bang.

  • Doctor Thirteen

    The lesson is either go all in or not. He waited too long. He had the advantage as the guy turned to other customer. Hell, he could have even closed the door and locked it. He waited too long and missed his advantage. You have to go for it or just give it up and take the L for the day.

  • Bonita Wauls

    And people want OUR guns taken away??? Then the criminals will take over. We are already preyed upon. I wonder why the bystander didn’t run!

    • یوسف و زولیخا

      The criminals have already taken over it’s called The US Congress.

    • smokysantana

      Bonita Wauls The Democrats want the bad guys to take over

    • Freedom ForAll

      Only Biden.

    • Power to the People

      CCTV doesn’t give us everything, crowd dynamics, environmental influencers, the vocal interactions. The bystander could’ve known the victim, be waiting on him, be a friend or colleague and this has influenced his decision making… maybe. Just felt he had to ‘be there’ to witness what was going on or be there for the other guy after they left. It could just be he weighed up being too slow to try go to his phone or try to getaway- that they would catch up and deal with him if he did so. The second guy we see arrive (robber) may be covering him with a firearm out of picture. Hey may have done the classic ‘ Nobody move. This is a robbery.!’ Like in Resevoir Dogs- most of us oldies know the lines that came after that!

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    If it was the other way around, Detroit would be rioting!

    • Todd R

      This video would be on a 24 hour loop on every news station. At least 2 dozen cities would be burning. Thousands of functionally illiterate people who are unable to look up statistics for themselves would be marching in the streets. Ben Crump would be on TV demanding compensation for white racism. It would be a party, but since the victim was white it will be like Cannon Hinnant or that Bungalow Joe’s bar shooting last week in Louisville where a “guy” in a Breonna Taylor T-shirt walked in and shot 3 white guys who he had never met in the head, the media wont say a word.

    • GTOberfest

      Yup. 100%

    • Unkle LumpY

      @Todd R if it wasn’t detroit, maybe…..I’ve lived in detroit proper. This isn’t breaking news, this is just everyday life in detroit and now n days, just life in wayne county

    • Foghorn Leghorn

      @Unkle LumpY All they could burn down are run down building and drug dens huh?

    • Unkle LumpY

      Depends which neighborhood tbh, the city is on an upswing and new development is booming while blight is being attacked vigorously. This is all because of the DINO mayor

  • aaron042671

    Give him wallet, cap him in back as he’s running away. Then riots start because he was a “ good boy”, he “ didn’t do nothing “

  • iBiana Doubt

    Old men shouldn’t close stores at night, by themselves.
    A friend of mine worked at a liquor store in Southwest Detroit for over 25 years, and when it was closing time and they were setting the alarm, there was no less than 3 and as many as 5 or 6 people in the parking lot, with 2 minimum armed, with the headlights of their cars facing the entry door.
    When the door was being locked, awaiting the alarm armed signal, everyone was outside of their cars, locked and loaded.
    This man didn’t need to die.
    What he needed was a better closing protocol.

  • Geoffrey Floydstein

    Lesson: don’t operate a business in Detroit

  • Jason Jackson

    Vote Democrat & you get Detroit.

  • Ennova

    As someone who’s been in a similar situation, after what they wanted wasnt good enough, I still got stabbed and then I had to fight for my life in the same situation only now with a stab wound. My situation the guy was on drugs not thinking clearly just went from I’m going to rob you to I’m going to kill you within a second, you don’t know what’s going through their head or what they’re on, don’t leave it to chance hoping they’ll let you live, take action to stay alive.

  • I Am Aahron

    I just thought about something. I just recently turned 50. My eyesight used to be perfect. Not anymore. I need glasses. And i need a laser in my Glock. Too many people dont want to admit they need adjustments and this video might prove it. It only takes one miss and you are dead!

    • steve586586

      Saw a video w/a woman wearing frosted/blurred glasses shooting her gun using the regular sights then a laser. World of difference. Lasers definitely help.

    • alex carter

      Better to put a narrow-focus flashlight. A laser dot can get “lost” really easily, play with a laser pointer and see what I mean. You won’t be at a range with white-painted walls and a nice target set up, you’ll be in an alley or your side-yard or some random place, and it’ll probably be dark. A flashlight that will put a coaster-sized spot of light on your attacker will give you the accuracy you need just put center of light spot on center of attacker mass and there you go.

  • ee kay

    Take the “L” to live another day. Choose your battles wisely.

  • Tin Mann

    I guess old white guys lives don’t matter.

  • william ross

    Another Democrat run city gone bad

    • Hero Slippy

      bruh this is a fairly common thing in any big city

    • Percy Hawkins

      Democrat cities don’t “go bad.” They start off bad as soon as Democrats take over and it continues until they are crime and drug infested hellholes with people defecating on the sidewalks in broad daylight downtown.

    • Reaper Grim

      What’s this have to do with Democrats the hell bad guys deserve death dont confuse politics with bad guys if that’s the case lotsa Republican city’s have alot of hate crimes an racist people? (Racists deserve death as well sonin the end it dosent matter)

    • Micah Kessner

      Correlation, not causation. Liberals generally like living in big cities, whereas conservatives are more likely to live in rural areas. Lots of cultural factors at play

    • Percy Hawkins

      @Reaper Grim You need to turn off CNN and start opening up your mind to what’s going on in the world around you, son. The Democrat lapdog media is hiding the truth from you and you don’t even know it. Why do you think Twitter and Facebook have closed the accounts of The New York Post? Don’t be a stooge and a useful idiot for them, check it out for yourself. Open your eyes.

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