20 Wire Coat Hanger Uses for Survival

Sensible Prepper Presents: 20 Survival uses for Wire Coat hangers. Continuing the series of using everyday items for a multitude of applications not designed for that item. This time, we're "Thinking outside the wire".

Belt/Strap Keeper
Camp bottle Hanger
Guy Wire Anchors
S Hooks
Camp Hat Hook
Clothes Hanger
Drain Retrieval Hook
Hard to reach Retrieval hook
Safety Pin
Key Ring
Paper Clip
Marshmallow / Hot Dog Hanger
String Retriever
M1938 Hook
Slim Jim/ Locked Car Keys
Porch Hanger
Penny Stove Stand
Tent Pegs

"How to Make a Penny Stove" Video:

"DIY Brick Rocket Stove" Video:

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • WxGuy

    I’ll keep these ideas in my back pocket.

  • Cipher TheDemonLord

    Mother hates the old hangers. I’ve had to save them from the trash.

  • Eliane Vaccavo

    The sink had a terrible clog, so I used a hanging folder wire, by making a hook on one end. The quantity of hair was huge and bingo!: no more clog!

  • senta ukrai

    I used a coat hanger to make a 6″x6″ camg grill. It came out great.

  • 野龍

    Old coat hangers? Wire coat hangers are still pretty popular here, but usually coated with a layer of plastic (and some of them have a really slim metal wire inside…).

    At least I don’t trust coat hangers that is completely made of plastic, simply because plastic can fail one day due to extreme heat, which is pretty common here. Wood ones, well, can break easily also.

    But still, pure metal coat hangers are hard to find, and the only ones I’ve seen in my home are said to be hand-made from some leftover thick steel wires (φ4~5 mm if I didn’t remember it wrong). Those just can’t be bent with bare hands, so… Maybe not a good choice for survival situation.

  • Survival Anarchy

    Is the enamel on the coat hanger toxic? I have always wondered if they were really ok to roast marshmallows with…

  • James Janson

    Also a pretty good improvised brazing rod,if you have oxy acetlene.Along with a road sign,you can do some pretty good car rmetal repairs.


    God bless america hahahaha


    I like this guy its nice youtuber

  • Doug

    god doesn’t want anything to do with america
    instead his sends harricanes

  • Hunter Santti

    What does shtf stand for

  • Armando Piña

    ({[ NO WIRE HANGERS)}]


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