Let's try this "2 Ingredient" Biscuit recipe OUT!
Thanks for watching! xo

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  • I love 2 crochet

    ALDI sells milk and heavy cream much cheaper

  • gracefulcat68

    i make these all the time, and add honey or sugar to make them sweet for shortcakes.. lol!

  • jetta bartholomew

    1. I am so trying this 👌 2. Your new do is ding dang cute 😘

  • Kelly's Noble Herd.

    Oh my. I love that measuring cup!

  • jetta bartholomew

    Biscuits are not “a treat”…they are a life staple 😘👍

  • Laura Kerr

    I just found you recently ! You are absolutely adorable ! You have such spunk ! The biscuits did look good ! Thanks for being you ! God Bless you !

  • Cindy Pack

    Been making these for years since seeing it done at a Pampered Chef party! I sometimes add dried buttermilk to the heavy cream to give them extra punch. My recipe only uses one cup of cream to two cups of flour. That might be why yours were so sticky. My Nana had an incredibly tiny kitchen with zero space to roll out biscuits so she pinched off little bits of dough and patted them in her hands. She made biscuits every day of her life. Self rising White Lily, crisco and whole milk buttermilk. Divine!

  • Janice Krako

    You can always make your own self rising flour blend too and use a bit less salt 🧂

  • kateymateymusic1

    As an Australian, a biscuit is a cookie for us 🤣. But based on your recipes for “biscuits” in America, this is how I’ve always made them. Self raising flour is so versatile and adding cream stops you having to put in butter and cut it in etc. I even use this recipe as a dumpling on top of a chicken stew etc

  • SandyzSerious

    Your great grandma would be so proud of you.

  • Miss11 Lady11

    Love that measuring cup.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Kathleen McHaleLewis

    There is another recipe that uses self rising flour and greek yogurt. It’s pretty good too.

  • Old Fashioned Life

    That’s my favorite biscuit! I use 2 cups of sr flour and 1 cup of heavy cream. The absolute best flavor and they rise beautifully!!

  • SSanf

    I really prefer self rising flour for so many things. In a pinch you can even just add water and fry it up or bake it and you will have something to eat. No need to measure. No skill required. You can add almost any liquid and depending on whether you make dough or batter will determine your product. Add an egg and oil or not. It is a major survival food.

  • Margaret Bedwell

    I tried this recipe a couple months ago and was as surprised as you at how good they were. I am 81 have been baking biscuits longer than I can remember. The one this I like about it, it is quick. I still like my buttermilk biscuits but these were very good too. Thanks for sharing, I know you have taught a few young ladies (or gentlemen) how to make a biscuit that grandma will be proud of. Have a Blessed day.

  • Vee

    We call those Scones. They taste really great with whipped cream and stawberry jam. Love your videos and your personality (your emotional intelligence) and what you do on your homestead. Thank you for sharing.

  • Robin Badura

    The heavy whipping cream acts like two ingredients in one…Cream(when you make your own Butter what happens the Butter separates from the cream which then is Buttermilk) so that is why you don’t add butter or Shortening to it as you said “chemistry”….and the Self Raising Flour is the same You don’t add your leveling and salt…i think as you said it’s easier to make so there would be less of a failure in the Biscuit…less ingredients to use and not to keep track of….i think this would be a great for beginners and then once their confidence is up they can go on to different Biscuit recipes and see what technique they like better..!!

  • Times-They-R A-Changing

    I made similiar biscuits this morning, but mine was 2 cups self-rising flour and 1 1/2 cup heavy cream and it worked great.

  • LaToya C. Ashley

    “I need to conclude, but I keep eating”…lol. You had me at “Whip, nae nae” and “Don’t Chubby Checker”. Love this! 😂😂❤❤

  • Kyle Dycio

    Americas Test Kitchen put this recipe out many years ago. It is quick and always been a winner for me. Blessings!!!

    • Appalachia's Homestead with Patara

      YES! Thank you! It’s an OLD recipe not just created by some random Youtuber including myself. Ha! But it’s great-especially for newbies! Wonderful! Thanks for watching! xo

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