The Extraordinary Purpose God Has for Man in This Age – Video #3

This is the 3rd installment in a series talking about the origin and foundation of the purpose of God in the earth, and its importance in this current age for God’s people.

In this article and video we’ll look at sin and how it disrupted the purpose of God concerning His desire to have heaven and earth fully reflecting His glory.

What is important to see is that in light of the command by God for Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply, filling the earth with His image in humanity, sin did the opposite.

With sin now dwelling in the human race, when people were fruitful and multiplying, what was in them was spreading across the earth, instead of what was representative Of God.

People were now wrong.

Humanity was now wrong.

Sinful people, i.e. everyone, were filling the earth. Earth was no longer in harmony with the kingdom of God and will of God. The image of God that was now tainted in mankind, was being overcome by the darkness residing in them.

The flood showed that the evil in man, even after God destroyed everyone but 8 people, remained hidden deep within, and not long after Noah and his family left the ark in safety, sin was found among them, pointing to the wrong inherent in mankind.

What is vital to understand is God would have to do something to remedy the situation, and that would be to create a new heaven and new earth. A new creation had to be birthed because the old was hopelessly diseased with sin; it had to die.

That started after the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven, which afterwards He sent the Spirit on Pentecost to launch the new creation on earth.

It will grow to fill the entire earth, filling it with the knowledge and image of God in a people, in line with what the purpose of God for the human race always was from before time.

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