15 Trash Bag uses for Survival

Sensible Prepper Presents: 15 Trash Bag uses for Survival. Having a Heavy-Mil large trash bag in your survival kit could be used for more than just picking up the trash. Thinking creatively during a crisis can make life easier and even safe your life.

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  • KnightFireLT1

    Using a small rock or twig as a tie down button would work better for securing your shelter, that way you’re not cutting unnecessary holes and will negate any possible tears.  Rock on brother!

    • SensiblePrepper

      Good point. Thanks for the comment.  

    • A9YrOldGirl

      +KnightFireLT1 I was just about to suggest the same thing. Guess I was a year too late. A balled up bit of TP would work too & no risk of cutting into the bag, plus you got fire starter material that is now weather-proof for future use.

    • Kitt Katt

      +KnightFireLT1 To stop a rip from happening. Make an X shape with duct tape, and then poke a hole in the center of the X, (making a durable eyelet to thread the rope through). This ensures that the eyelet holes never become larger, or cause a tear in the plastic from a gust of wind, which saves this bag for many future uses.

      Another function to use with the “Tent roof” is strapping a strip of duct tape on the back end hanging it down and then wrapping the duct around a medium size twig, branch, or log. This weighs down the trash bag tent in the back giving it a small slant/slope so the rain falls off in the back, and wont cause the tarp to stretch or sink. And of course you will want to position something under the dripping water so you can collect it for drinking, cooking, or washing.

      And yes, +SensiblePrepper… I had just finished watching your Duct Tape Uses Video! Haha.. 🙂
      Great Videos, Thank You SO MUCH!

    • Charmain LaReau


  • Bilbo Baggins

    2:44 LOL white trash? (sorry i thought it was too funny not to make a joke about ;3)

  • Nate

    lol bloopers was funny and great to see someone who can laugh at themselves, shows character.

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