15 Survival Foods Every Prepper Should Stockpile

I go over my Top 15 Foods/ Items that every prepper should stockpile and have on Hand.

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25 Items Every Prepper Should Stockpile: (Part 1)

20 More Items Every Prepper Should Stockpile (PART 2)

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  • ZGB Studios

    Epic Recommendations! Love this episode

  • DropForgedSurvival

    *What Survival Food Do You feel Are a Staple for your Prepper Pantry?!*

  • ziaride

    Be careful where you buy your honey. New testing in 2019 tested 70 brands and found more than half of them were diluted with corn or rice syrup sometimes by 2/3. I get mine direct from a neighbor beekeeper.

    • What If?

      Good call! I will be looking for something local – If I had the land, I would make my own. But neighbor it is.

    • Kimmi McKnight

      YES!! The honey you buy in regular grocery stores or SuperCenters is JUNK. ALL the nutrients are gone in commercial honey. Buy only raw, local honey. You’re spending a little bit more, but you’re not buying junk and the taste (as well as medicinal properties) is awesome.

    • Kimmi McKnight

      Also, you can buy Manuka honey, which is the creme de la creme of honey. It’s not cheap but it IS excellent!

    • What If?

      Kimmi McKnight Thank you so much for that information. I wasn’t aware of that. I will definitely make the change.


      yes sir everything’s better when you’re in Texas

  • RickB

    I’d like to add that things like Beef/Chicken Bouillon or Furikake Rice Seasoning has made a world of difference in making rice more flavorful for us. Watching from Oregon.

  • Shauna Langley

    I had all of the items that I eat on this list. I would add nuts too.

  • Richard Fox

    Electrolyte powder. For when people are sick or dehydration is a factor.

  • Smokie Mtn. Tarheel

    Dude quit telling people our secrets, I can’t even find half this stuff in my grocery store now. Keep pushing the toilet paper 😈

  • pudim&trovões

    in brasil we eat rice and beans every day, i dont know why but we like

    • ColleenKaralee

      … with a side of fried platano (big bananas); love the masa harina too.

    • Elisabeth Drachenberg

      Could you share a couple of your fave simple rice and beans recipes that you’d use in an emergency/survival type situation?

    • JAllanC12

      Because it’s wonderful, especially rice seasoned with garlic, a bit of onion, olive oil, and the beans with a bit of pork or bacon crumble, garlic, bay leaf, onion, salt (and don’t forget the farofa — but it takes a bit more planning).
      Everyday! It never gets boring. Different beans. A bit of different meat to add. It goes with everything.

    • Amarilys Figueroa

      In Puerto Rico too!

    • C F

      “Brasil”? You live in Brazil, right?

  • Minnie

    When you buy the pinto beans, buy some lard. When you’re very poor and living off rice and beans, use the lard and make refried beans. That adds calories and prevents starvation. I know lard something most Americans view as unhealthy and something to avoid, but when there’s not enough calorie rich food, it can save your life. Also, cream of wheat is a great source of iron. When faced with food insecurity, cream of wheat can help ward off anemia. As for your bag of chicpeas, you should get a can of coconut milk and curry powder to go with it. You can make coconut curry chicpeas, which has more calories and nutrients than just chicpeas.

    • ColleenKaralee

      @Alice L In 2016 the Nobel Prize was awarded for studies in what was called “autophagy”, which means the body eats (enzymatically) dead cells, acidic wastes, placque, tumors, etcetera, etcetera, and restores a stagnant lymphatic system to child-like fluidity.
      Fasting autophagy can be either moderated with some water or full force autophagy – no water, no food 24/7 for as long as one can tolerate it. I’ve restored thyroid function to a thyroid removed in 1971 simply doing a series of two-weeks long strict medical dryfasts (no food, no water 24/7). That is what was needed to regenerate the thyroid and get me totally off glandulars, which might be someday very hard to come by if things go south much.

    • Alice L

      Tk u 😃👍

    • Victoria Muir

      Minnie And when you have lard on hand you can make tortillas! Yum

    • surveyguyor

      natural fat is not unhealthy. processed oils are. ever squeeze oil from a kernel of corn? NOPE. it’s a chemical process. it creates cholesterol. Look at the keto diet. look how you can fast for a long time. your body is eating fat and your brain is calm on ketones. no need for bi-polar meds.

    • Stephanie Reisin-DiBari

      You sound like my grandma. She nearly wept when she found out I used lard for my pie crust. She whispered to me, as if it were a secret, “People don’t use that anymore, but it’s the best!”

  • Jim McClarin

    I would mention beans and lentils in the same breath. Peanut butter is a good keeper and can add variety. It can be used in cooking as well. However, if things get really grim, cooking odors may attract unwelcome visitors so things that don’t need cooking would help conceal what you have. I eat a lot of quick oats and never cook it. I mix it with water, powdered milk, raisins, prunes, almonds, and powdered cinnamon. Eaten like that it’s called muesli, quite common in Europe. I live at an altitude on the equator where I can grow potatoes year-round and have been planting them since mid-March on account of the COVID crisis. I have filtered my roof runoff for almost seven years now for drinking and cooking.

  • Jennifer Wright

    Peanut Butter for fast protein. Chicken broth cubes for bean soups. Canned tomato sauce for lentils or navy beans/great northern beans.

    • Josiah's nana

      @John N I just reorganized my canned goods and the only bad cans were a few tomatoes and pineapple.

    • Abram Carroll

      Red lentils or green split peas with those chicken broth cubes, curry, onion(fresh or flakes) cook till the lentils/peas break down and serve over rice.
      Green split peas, cubed dak ham or spam, ham broth cubes or ham bone, dried vegetable blend, pinch of marjoram for split pea soup.
      Lots of recipes out there.

    • Abram Carroll

      @Death By Cake The salt keeps bouillon from getting bacteria. the powder will turn into a brick so the cubes are better. The bouillon also has no fat so it can last 30 years when stored with O2 absorbers. I used some that were almost 10 years past expiration and they were fine, but weak in taste.

    • _ dave

      @Josiah’s nana ok, i knew about tomatos and then learned about mardarin oranges, have to watch pineapple too; make sense – all acidic in nature, and thanks for adding that…

    • Death By Cake

      @Abram Carroll oh I never knew that yeah bouillon cubes are the best.

  • Toni Ferraro

    Im not a prepper but at the start of the stay at hime orders I started having a sinking feeling that things were going to change dramatically.
    I am a little proud of my tiny 5 shelf prep stock but I know it isn’t anywhere near enough like all the preppers have. But hey I’m trying. I have my son who is 15 so I am buying a box of instant pancake mix and a bottle is syrup every time I’m out and I see it and also peanut butter, of course rice beans pasta, canned goods jelly, juice coffee flour sugar and yeast although I can’t seem to find that anymore.
    I don’t have a water filtration device but I know I should try to get one.
    I’m scared but I’m trying to be brave
    And not get overwhelmed.
    Doing the best I can
    Praying God will do the rest

  • Rene Hunter

    Dont store what you dont like to eat. At some point you will have to rotate.

    • Darlene Preston

      Right. I’d rather fast than eat SPAM. And a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips can be a real mood changer. :}

    • G Galilei

      Rene Hunter I like to combine both. I mostly stockpile food that I normally eat. But I also have a good supply of dried beans, rice, inexpensive vegetable oil, cheap peanut butter … probably less than a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff I probably will never eat, but certainly will be happy to have if there’s nothing else.

    • Hope Dixon

      @G Galilei And if it gets close (but not too close if you can help it ) to its expiration date you can drop it at the food kitchen and know it will have a good use.

    • G Galilei

      Hope Dixon oh no, those expiration dates are corporate lies. Especially canned foods are good for years after. It’s staying in my emergency supply not going to the food bank.

    • BonnieSites Solutions

      @G Galilei And you could always exchange it with someone who does like it for something you need/want.

  • James Newman

    Something I’m surprised that I haven’t seen addressed on any “prep” list, is to make sure your stored food packaging is critter proof. Especially rodents and ants.

    • Ivette Ananda Love

      @Bill Neill I am Vegan for the Animals, for my Ethics and Human(e) Values. I am prepping as a Vegan and reading your comment has brought a great Smile to my heart. Plant Foods are cheap and very nutritious and I agree 100% with you, going Vegan is very easy and simple when you base it on your ethics and values. Thank you for Being one less Human hurting animals, and one more human adding Love and Kindness to this planet. Blessings Your Way!!!

    • gremlins 347

      Ants came for my honey many years ago, ants have the best sense of smell of any creature on earth. Even when stuff is sealed they can smell inside. Hope this helps someone.

    • Iokepa Perry

      Lardawg 67 use bay leaves at bottom, middle and top of containers. This should help

    • What If?

      @Lardawg 67 I heard to freeze beans – not sure if I’m supposed to do rice too. Supposed to kill any eggs.

    • Budget Savey Victoria

      Recently I got to find this out 1st hand we have a place away from the big city where we have 5 acres of land RV set up with tons dry goods In packaging that was set up for the noodles we have learned to place inside of glass jars after purchasing because rodents chew through the plastic Eating the noodles😅 Hard lesson but a good one

  • ColleenKaralee

    At the local Korean market we purchase large bags of dried mushrooms, and grind them into mushroom powder for adding umph to soups and sauces. They also sell huge bags of unsalted sheets of kelp – very nutrient dense and makes a good broth – just squeeze some lemon into it for complete electrolytes and bio-available synergistic minerals.

    • Bill Neill

      All the ethnic stores are great sources for bargain nutrition. Lots of seaweed in the Asian markets as well.

    • ColleenKaralee

      @Bill Neill Sure thing. We also discovered “Calaloo” a caribbean canned greens of various types, and the taste is okay and can be added to a soup base. Then, there is the animal feed store where we get organic alfalfa pellets – and the humans cold brew a nutrient dense tea, and the animals get it powdered and added to their kibble.

    • Carmen Lourdes Amaya

      Great idea! I never thought about that! Will try!

    • ColleenKaralee

      @Carmen Lourdes Amaya Very flavorful when pressure cooked in the Instant Pot and slow released. I’m not vegetarian and sometimes I add can of Campbell’s Consomme soup.

    • Carmen Lourdes Amaya

      ColleenKaralee Perfect! Thank you! I have an IP!.

  • Ron Falcone

    Something you missed when talking about beans is that most dried beans and lentils you buy at the grocery store can be planted to grow more beans.

    • Marilyn Grass

      I did this, my dad done this as well years ago.

    • Ares the Parakeet

      @Kelven Schmidt I tried to grow sugar snap peas and spider mites killed them too. I was only able to get 1 pod per plant before they were killed.

    • Carmen Ortiz

      @angela bluebird60 Really? If you keep the potatoes in the right conditions, they can sprout. They would need a very heavy dose to not sprout. My son-in-law grows them and buys seed potatoes every year. I asked him why. He told me the same thing. To prove him wrong I used potatoes from his farm, they all sprouted. Seed potatoes are available now, maybe not in a year or two. I always keep some of mine for the next year, since I plant the specialty kinds and use no chemicals.

    • Carmen Ortiz

      @the Hustlin’ Homemaker Same here. Like you, I grow the ORGANIC ones, no problem.

    • angela bluebird60

      @Carmen Ortiz If specialty means heirloom, they would not be sprayed and so would sprout.

  • Mike Mischak

    Dried minced onion will last a long time and spice up everything.

    • Death By Cake

      @John N you know the ones on the quarter pounder are regular but the ones in like cheeseburgers are dehydrated and is soaked in water plump em up something like that haha

    • Kelven Schmidt

      @Death By Cake don’t know about farmer(s) as they are several states north of me…like Wisconsin.
      Don’t know the insurance for defiant
      But most things being shipped have some kind of security…

    • Death By Cake

      @Kelven Schmidt oh yeah probably do have insurance. I live in Hawaii and termites galore and roaches . So anyway one night maybe 9 months ago found a centipede it was so scared he/she hid. Trying to get it out hears cayenne pepper repels them and it worked. That’s when I saw the bugs several inside the cayenne pepper.

    • Lynda Busseger

      I have bought several bottles of minced onion $Tree

    • Death By Cake

      @Lynda Busseger My state doesn’t have a dollar tree but good place to buy them. Ty maybe I can order them online at dollar tree website.

  • Bruce Forster

    With the Covid, the rioting, unstable weather, etc., I’m striving to acquire a TWO YEAR food supply for my famil.

  • snailspace

    If coffee isn’t part of your prep, you might as well let the zombies get you.

    • Jonathan Black

      at Snail space – this is a hugh part of my prepping plan actually.

      IN MY VERSION, i am preparing for a Civil War in America.. instead of Zombie Apocalypse in your version

      In my version i want to be Wired and able to have good reflexs and not all slugish , so my plan revolves around saving up money for a small solar power generator thats powerful enough to power the coffee maker. I want to be able to make Drip coffee in a black out.

    • andy gibb

      snailspace i agree, its the most important food group in the world

    • snailspace

      @andy gibb The foundation of any sensible diet, and something worth fighting for. Give me coffee, or give me . . . well, if you won’t give me coffee, you should just go now, because this is not going to end well. 😄

    • Karolina Ortiz

      Coffee is gross

    • Laura

      @Jonathan Black you could just make pour over with a metal filter or cowboy coffee (no filter).

  • 3ternal Vigilance

    I keep a rubbermaid full of hard candy. Jolly Rancher, rootbeer barrels, werthers, etc. I have a serious sweet tooth. I’ll need my fix before fighting off any zombies. ..dont judge me

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