10 Easy Tarp Shelters for Survival

Here are 10 tarp shelters or tarp tents that are simple to put up in the Woods for Camping and Bush-craft. (LINKS BELOW)

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  • DropForgedSurvival

    *What is your Favorite Tarp Shelter design of all time? Also DAY 1 of my 7 Day $20 Survival Challenge Begin Saturday Nov 9th 2019!!!*

    • iLeaRDGZ

      hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover best emergency survival tent try Franaar Escape Death Formula (should be on google have a look )?

      Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

    • Billy Aitken

      Tarp tent is pretty much eternally cool. I’ve got some other stuff rocking with standard tarps that I haven’t seen elsewhere….. but I’m thinking about starting a ‘Tube channel’ so I’ll keep them to myself for now. But I will say that sewing extra cord loops to the edges of your standard tarp will raise new possibilities 👍

    • Perfect Weather

      Are you going to make any new content? I miss it

  • Misc Mitz

    Just leaving work so I missed the live premiere.

  • Oxnate

    Did anyone count how many designs he said were his favorite? New drinking game: go back and re-watch. Every time he says “favorite,” take a shot.

  • The Titan Preparedness Channel

    Awesome job man. Was actually able to watch it premiere. Thanks for all the info and helping my channel grow. Looking forward to the adventure.

  • Corey Thompson

    Always a groovy deal when ya get off work @ 2 am and get to watch a fresh fun info filled video. The DropForged Fam done it again 👍. I’ll be practicing that big blue set up you n Outdoor Mama done. That’ll be nice for up here in the central Oregon high desert.

  • Chill Gorilla

    Spectacular video Chris, as always! 🙂 Thanks for showing the easy setup and amazing configuration of our 12′ rain fly. Love it! 🙂

  • Barry Bueler

    Very informative I’ve set like two of these up but the rest are new and some I really want to try like the bivy while in a bivy 😁 I’ll have to save this vid so I can remember what to do next spring 👍🏻.

  • BigTone

    Another awesome video!!! I use a Bushcraft Outfitters 10X10 and I don’t know if I can pick a favorite there’s thousands of ways to set them up and they’re all good for different reasons.

  • Bone Daddy Blade WerX

    This is thorough! Thx!

  • HammerTime 38

    I didn’t know this was a thing. This is awesome. I feel like I’m free of a big bulky tent now

  • R Johnson

    No way I’m going to sleep under anything without a way to keep snakes out.

  • Save Us

    You missed MY favorite. This works great around trees. Find 4 trees close to being a square, tie all corners to the trees estimate how high or low you want it, wind or rain. Go find a nice strong branch, about the size of a coke can. Cut or break it to the height you want. Take a soft drink can and use it as a cap, by cutting the pop top part off. So you don’t tear the tart. If not a can use a rag or towel. Take the branch and prop it up in the middle. This is all I ever used. Thanks for all the other tips

  • Life is Better Exploring

    This is an awesome video. New sub, and really liked the video. Thanks for sharing!

  • Justin Thorne

    I love how all the designs were his favorite.

  • Kevin D Blew

    The Holden is the configuration I go to 90% of the time. So quick and minimal equipment needed. If rain and wind threaten entry at the front, simply pin the two front corners at the hiking staff at center. Just like battening the hatch. Otherwise I toss at least one side on top of the triangle roof and enjoy the stars. I seldom have to exit my sleeping bag to make the adjustments.
    Great tips on these other configurations!

  • Lost in Iowa

    I really like the background.

  • drummerfella 55

    Clearly he outlines some very good rules and tips on getting your various tarps…in configuration for nearly any use, you may feel a need for. but let me be very clear on something of utmost importance, and which, indeed…our ‘DropForged’ here… does support and strongly suggest:

    No Matter WHAT type of tent or tarp, what type of paracord or tether, or what type of Knot or Tie-style…you may decide to implement………… Dear god….Please Don’t Forget to…………………………………………….”Secure That Bad Boy Down!”.

  • SlapAMaya Gaming

    2:15 *voicecrack*

  • Michael Stewart

    “My favorite setup..” “gonnawanna”

  • Cow Cow

    Me: *wonders which tarp design i’ll use*

    Also me: *has a tent*

    • Funny45

      the best tarp design is number 1. go get a nice “real 12×12 tarp” so that it will actually last more than a couple of times setting it up. 🙂

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